Sandrine Piegay

Guest Artist

Originally from Lyon (France), Sandrine Piegay is a self-taught artist who began her artistic practice in summer 2019. Her talent quickly emerged, and just three months after starting out, she was offered an exhibition at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan. In 2020, against the backdrop of the health crisis, Sandrine signed a contract with a Parisian gallery to illustrate a novel. In 2021, she published her first book of drawings with Grycan. In 2022, she is working on a CD album cover for a French artist. Her style, centered on the use of graphite and other dry techniques, explores both classical and contemporary realism.

Internationally recognized, she is a member of several prestigious art academies, including the Académie des Arts, Sciences et Lettres de Paris, the Académie Européenne des Arts-France, the Guilde Internationale du Réalisme, the UNOTA, the CIA, the IAA (International Art Association), the Taylor Foundation, and the Mondial Art Academia, which awards her the lifetime title of Chevalier Académicien.

Sandrine Piegay has exhibited all over the world, including India, Canada, Argentina, the United States, Korea, France, Italy… In 2023, she received two trophies from Indian galleries (Kolkata), then won the Medusa Award for the Biennale of the Arts in Italy. In 2024, she won a gold medal at the International Professional Art Awards (PIPA) and the Global Women’s Award, affirming her place on the world art scene.

A Drouot-rated artist and regular visitor to auction rooms, Sandrine constantly strives to surpass herself and reinvent her work, while continuing to draw inspiration from landscapes and everyday scenes to create artworks that invite contemplation and remembrance.

Co-organizer and juror of an exhibition in France, “Festiv’art Nature”, bringing together nearly 750 works, she also launched her own brand of leather goods, combining her love of art with French craftsmanship.

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