Richard Fortin


Born in Rimouski, Richard Fortin is a self-taught artist.
His artistic approach as a painter is in constant evolution. A first gesture on the canvas, a sigh and here we go again for another challenge.

“It is only after the painting is completed that I can really feel the emotional intensity of its realization”.

He paints with a spatula, using oil paint as a medium in the impressionist style, with a touch that mixes the real and the abstract. His gesture is spontaneous and guided by his instincts of the moment, which makes his works vibrant with all the desired emotional amplitude, creating a perpetual movement.

His colors are bright and vibrant. His paintings radiate tenderness and joy of life!
Everything that touches him spontaneously is a source of inspiration. One can feel in his paintings an emotion that is palpable.

Let yourself be seduced by his creations that will transport you to the enchantment and escape!