Marie-Josée Dussault

I had a need to create and to connect with myself, my intuition, my heart… with all the parts in me that were neglected and scattered. I had to do something for myself, with myself. Mosaic became my therapy, regrouping pieces to make a whole, a metaphor for putting myself back together.

My way of creating mosaic developed through the years based on exploration, I love the challenge of using different materials to create unity in an unique way. I really enjoy challenging my technical abilities while creating mosaics with traditional materials such as smalti, ceramic, glass… but also introducing recycled and unconventional materials such as aluminium tabs, bottle caps, wooden beads, buttons and pieces of aluminium can. I have a great pleasure finding where each piece uniquely belongs.

I want my mosaics heart to remind others (and myself) of the importance to love themselves, all the parts, all the different pieces! And also the power of welcoming and finding balance in our differences. Everyone has their place in the world, loving ourselves and others. My mosaics express love, unity, balance, harmony and beauty.  Most mosaic that I create has a sentence that explains my personal definition of self love.

Let’s love all the parts that form who we are!