Jocelyne Ménard


Obviously, today’s tendency goes towards the protection of our planet. It is without a doubt an immediate and urgent necessity to save the Earth. That is why I strongly feels the need to express my environmental commitment through my paintings. In that optic, my artistic creation goes far more than the traditional paintings. It is an environmental message, as I uses on each of my paintings, different sources of used materials. All these elements united together show very well my new environmental approach, which allows everyone to realize how many different lives an object can have. It also prove that each piece refers to recycling, which itself has no restriction what so ever for a new role or a new life.

“Sky is the limit” for my imagination and creativity as there is no barrier in matching all kind of objects that were not originally compatible. That is surely what brings a large smile on the face of flabbergasted spectators when they look at my paintings. They are evenmore surprised when I show them that I can reproduce their home, or contryhouse, or stores or offices, etc…

More than just a “new style”, the union between pictorial art and recycled objects is here to stay for generations to come !