Jean Drolet

Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration as well as a source of inner appeasement and has a special place in my life. On the grounds of my Stoneham residence, just before the new millennium, I started playing with stones, erecting several Inukshuk. What was initially just a hobby son turned into a passion. It is through my assemblages of pebbles polished by the tides that I started to expose. In my opinion, art is diverse and is everywhere around us.

After several years in contact with stone, I began to create different pieces to fully express my creativity.  Since 2014, I integrate driftwood in my Inukshuk sculptures presented on a bed of pebbles, but also uses it as the starting point of unique inspiration.

Year round between Québec and Gaspé along the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence River, I patiently look for the elements with which I create different pieces. I select pieces, marked by nature, by time, by the seasons, modeled by the tides that all worked as invisible craftsmen to shape stones and driftwood.

When I take one of these elements, I only have a vague idea of ​​what it will become. I reveal the veining of wood or release the beauty of a rough stone. I use the elements according to their texture, their hue, their particular shape, playing with balance and perspective, assembling them, sculpting them into unique objects.


Stones are everlasting.
Smoothed by the tides of the St-Lawrence River and shaped by time, each stone is individually selected ans assembled to create unique works of art.
You will discover a special meaning in every one of them.

Price: 55$ to 345$


In inuit language, inukshuk means ” in the image of man ”. Made by assembling nearby stones, these human-like figures are used as landmarks to guide travellers.

Inukshuk are now seen as a symbol of mutual aid and brotherhood worldwide. Each stone is important and is selected because it fits with the others, each supporting the next and being supported by the ones underneath, resulting in a strong and balanced structure.

These inukshuk are made in the traditional way with stones picked from the shores of the St-Lawrence River.

Price: 50$ to 350$