Isabelle Desrochers

Over the years, I have built my art around naive characters. My “Généreuses” are the focal point of my creation. My imagination keeps placing them in various situations.

After seeing the movie « Laura Cadieux », I used theses beautiful women who embrasse their body and are happy as my source of inspiration. Thus, with my brushes, I began to develop my ” Generous “. Since 2012, my women have evolved. The faces are a little less naive and the bodies better defined. Always with the thought that women can find themselves in my work.

Through my paintings, I highlight these voluptuous women who feel beautiful and confident in their skin, the daily life, suppers between friends, good wines, my city etc. In fact, everything that surrounds me is a source of inspiration.

When I walk around, my eyes are always on the lookout for colors or images that could accompany one of my characters. I see life in painting. With every glance, I analyze how I could transpose what I see on a canvas. With my camera on hand, I capture hundreds of images that could become a backdrop or even mentally record people I cross paths with here and there who would make good subjects.

Being self-taught, I play with my acrylics and bright colors to create scenes filled with lightness, movements and of course curves. I like to surpass myself and explore new avenues for my “Généreuses”. I love to exploit the wind, transparencies, fabrics and textures to create an atmosphere in my paintings. I also work without worrying about the details being realistic. What I desire above all is to leave a great freedom to my inspirations.

Each piece of art is unique. Each of my characters has its own personality and history.

What makes me happy is seeing people smile after making eye contact with one of my paintings.

My imagination races every day to create canvases that express life.