Isabelle Desrochers

My generous women are the focal point of my creation. My imagination never ceases to place them in different contexts.

After watching the film ”Laura Cadieux”, I was inspired by the beautiful, happy, self-confident women to whom I pay tribute today with my paintbrushes.
Through my paintings, I highlight these voluptuous women who feel beautiful and at ease in their own skin. Everyday life, dinners with friends, fine wines, my city, travel. Even my little moments of happiness and my dreams end up on the canvas accompanying these women to whom I leave all the space, leaving the men a little behind…

I see life in paint!

On a walk, my eye is on the lookout for colors. With each glance, I analyze and transpose what I see onto a painting. Camera in hand, I capture hundreds of images that could become backdrops, or I mentally record people I come across here and there to make good subjects.
Self-taught, I play with bright colors to create scenes filled with lightness, movement and, of course, curves! I love expressing the wind, transparencies, fabrics, textures and creating an atmosphere in my paintings. What I like most of all is to let my imagination freely transport my brushes.

My works are unique, like the characters who inhabit them, and I cherish my imagination, which runs wild every day to create canvases that celebrate women in all their beauty.