Galerie Zen presents Daniel AUBERT, guest artist from France.


Dann was born “artistically” after discovering the paintings of Emile NOIROT (native of the same region: the Roannais). He scoured the exhibitions of the region to see all the pieces of this master of impressionism. As soon as possible he acquired a “study” (canvas on wood -1902 Emile Noirot) which he jealously kept… In high school he was lucky enough to have a visual arts teacher, the painter Coudour, who trained and initiated him. He then rubs shoulders with a restorer of antique artworks where he will “smell” the odors of linseed oil and pigments… He intervenes at the school of fine arts of St Etienne… Finally, he works with the painter Maurice Steinbach whose paintings can be seen in the museums of the North East of France…

Impressionistic abstraction…

”The works of Dann marks an approach to an open stylistic form, both to abstract landscaping and impressionism. A subtle, ambivalent expression, mirroring a fleeting reality and poetic expression, an exceptional aesthetic of interpretative quality. With this work, Daniel Aubert (Dann) has been able to push the landscape to the confines of the art of painting, in abstract landscaping-impressionism style. The colouring of these works, ingenious and rational, original; The application in thicknesses of the paint, with a set of nuances of touches, micro-relief artifacts; The composition, in terms, of architecture, meaning and signs, the choice of theme-motif to be painted, and titration, reveal here, the verified ability of Dann to become a master of contemporary painting.”

Antoine ANTOLINI Psychologist of Art-EDCM Edition-EUROPE

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