Alex Artiste peintre


Alex lives and works at Issoudun, in the province of Québec. She is a self-taught painter. Her work is exhibited at Galerie Zen, in Québec City. She took part in various symposia including Couleurs urbaines (Granby), Arts et Reflets (Château-Richer), Plaines couleurs (Québec). She has been a finalist for the Marius-Barbeau museum’s “Deuxième vie” (Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce), as well as for the JeunExcellence Gala (Saint-Agapit).


Her creative exploration is guided by an atypical, scattering journey through dreams, imagination, and reality. Moreover, her medium exploration draws from abstract expressionism, which gives priority to spontaneous movement, and most importantly, to randomness. This unveils through her works’ abstract backgrounds created with a variety of everyday objects. Spaghetti noodles, strays, a broom, and a rolling pin are some of the tools she uses to create each of her paintings’ vibe. She picks up new objects every time without knowing what she will end up with at the end of her explorations. Over this intuitive art are represented living subjects that capture the movements of the background while conveying strong emotions. The goal is to create a universe in between fantasy and real life, where you can escape, and feel a sense of freedom.