Alex Artiste peintre Galerie Zen Vieux-Québec


Alex lives and works in Issoudun, Quebec. She is self-taught. Her work is presented at Galerie Zen (Québec). She has taken part in various symposia such as Couleurs urbaines (Granby), Arts et Reflets (Château-Richer), Plaines couleurs (Québec) and many others. She was a finalist for the “Deuxième vie” exhibition at the Musée Marius-Barbeau (St-Joseph-de-Beauce). She was also a finalist at the JeunExcellence Gala (Saint-Agapit).


Adventure, through dreams, imagination and reality, in surprising and hazardous ways, is what guides his artistic research. His exploration of the medium is inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement, in which spontaneity of gesture and, above all, chance are given pride of place. This inspiration is revealed in the abstract backgrounds of his works, created using a variety of everyday objects. Spaghetti, straws, a broom and a rolling pin are just some of the tools she uses to set the mood for each of her paintings. So she set off, always with new objects in hand, without knowing the outcome of her explorations. This intuitive research is superimposed with living subjects that soak up the textures and movements of the background while conveying strong emotions. The aim is to create a universe between fantasy and reality, where you can escape and feel a sense of freedom.