Esther Garneau


Born in 1980, Esther Garneau started a career in health care following her studies in that field. In her late 20s, she discovered a true passion for creation and art. Three years later, she decided to quit her career to become a full-time artist.

Step by step, Esther’s artistic approach evolved mostly towards abstraction, and more precisely, lyrical abstraction. Ink and other fluid mediums slowly became her favorite creating tools.

Then, one day, she received the sad new of the imminent death of a relative. This is when she started to cover the whole surface of her canvas with thousands of dots. This acted as a therapeutic experience and this technique quickly became a necessity to the artist. This technique became part of her artistic approach.

For Esther, music is an essential part of her creating ritual. It is often these songs that inspire the emotions and titles of her paintings if it was not a personal experience. Each piece has a small story and the title is the clue to uncover it.

A women of multiple talent, Esther Garneau is also a young entrepreneur. She cofounded the Galerie Zen in 2015 and became the sole owner few months later.  In addition of her work, she represents about 15 local artists and promote their work to an international audience.

In her constant quest for new challenges she combined her passion with her interest in fashion to develop a clothing collection using the reproduction of her paintings.

Available at Galerie Zen

Glass framed artworks

Available at Galerie Guylaine Fournier

Collection available at the Galerie Guylaine Fournier
104-2 rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec, CANADA, G3Z 1M6
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